Gladesville Retina & Gladesville Eye Specialists

Before Your Appointment

Booking Your Appointment

Contact our friendly staff to make an appointment. Click here for contact information.


What to Bring With You

Before the day of your appointment you will need to arrange a referral from your optometrist or general practitioner.  Your referral must be dated the day of, or before the day of your appointment.  Typically referrals last for 12 months, so a new one will be needed each year.

Your Glasses
Don't forget to bring your distance glasses (for driving, TV watching etc) and your reading glasses with you on the day.  If you are a contact lens wearer, please wear your glasses instead of contact lenses (but bring your contacts with you).

A List of Current Medications
This will help us to record as complete a medical history as possible.

A Friend or Family Member
You may also wish to bring someone with you to your appointment.  As your pupils will likely be dilated during your visit, this will make the trip home easier and more comfortable.


On the Day of Your Appointment

For initial appointments, please allow 1.5 hours for us to complete a thorough medical history and screening prior to seeing the doctor.

When you arrive at our clinic, please identify yourself to our reception staff so we can let the doctor know that you have arrived.  If it is your first visit, you will be given a form to fill out with relevant personal details and your medical and relevant family history. This will only take a few minutes but is necessary for our orthoptist and the doctor to conduct a thorough examination of your eyes.

Shortly after this, one of our orthoptists will call you in to conduct initial screening tests and complete a thorough medical history. During this stage the orthoptist will check your visual acuity, measure the pressure in your eyes and additional tests and imaging as required.

They will also instill eyedrops that will dilate your eyes, which will enable the doctor to complete a thorough inspection of the internal structures of the eye including the retina.